Landscape Painting Made Eady

What if you could have—

a recovering trial lawyer with excellent communication skills; a teacher of about 200 workshops with many, multiple, repeat students; star of 4 high selling videos; twice a MAIN STAGE presenter at the Plein Air Convention and Expo (PACE); and an award winning artist

—lay out for you a simplified process that he designed, a process that has worked for him and his students over the years!

In a highly supportive, fun and interesting manner, with mental tips to keep you motivated and not discouraged, BILL can meet you at your station and take you to higher levels. As an early learner, he began developing a process that got him into 5 national Oil Painters of America shows in a row, each and every time he applied. In addition, 2 years in a row, he won the top landscape in 2 major national gallery shows, before he quit entering shows.

Bill’s refined and unique process makes it easy to spot where you are great and where you may need a “lil more” knowledge and experience, whether en plein air or in your studio. AND it’s much more fun this way without you or anybody else criticizing you and or your work (particularly you)!

Bill knows there is no better or faster learning experience than one you take in person with positive encouragement, which is now scientifically proven. He will lead you through 3 major areas in a unique and interesting way covering:

1. Nailing the values and MOOD

2. Establishing shapes and ABSTRACT DESIGN before color and

3. Creating COLOR HARMONIES based on colorful grays.

In addition, he will explain IN SIMPLE TERMS how to use YOUR IMAGINATION to make the painting INTERESTING AND COMPELLING TO VIEW. He’ll show how TEMPERATURE shifts create vibration, with reflected or bounced light easily explained and depicted. Lastly, he will go into detail on surface textures, energetic brushwork, and how to use EDGES to make the painting more compelling.

Recently, while teaching to some repeat students he became aware

how important it is to teach HOW TO FINISH TO COMPLETION, pushing through being stuck. This is an area not often covered but critical to more compelling paintings.

After reading lately about Paul McCartney, Bill wants to further emphasize FLEXIBILITY in the workshop for each and every artist to pursue the personal path that pleases and inspires.

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Jul 14 - 16 2023


10:00 am - 4:00 pm




Norcross Gallery & Studios


Anne Hall
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