Cindi Williams

Artist bio

Cindi Williams is an American impressionist living in the south. She is fascinated with the interplay of light and shadow and how light can elevate everyday objects into things of beauty.

A self taught artist Williams focuses on still life and the figure. Her paintings aspire to evoke an emotion or reveal a memory in the viewer. She was born and raised in Florida. Her childhood was spent exploring the marshes, beaches and farms of her native state. She has always loved art and studied architecture in college. Although she pursued a career in business she was delighted to be able to return to her first love and now pursues painting with passion and intensity.

Her paintings are a study in refined values with a restrained use of highlighting. Drawing the viewer's eye to the focal point as the eye travels through the work. She works in the area between representation and abstraction, blurring the lines where each of those genres overlap.

She has studied with many gifted artists including Margaret Dyer, Laura Lanford, James Richards and Ingrid Christensen. She also draws inspiration from contemporary artists such as Richard Schmid, Scott Christensen, Stanley Bielen and Mark Chekov as well as those past, Claude Monet, Caravaggio, Mary Cassatt and Joaquin Sorollo.

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