Grace Arledge

Artist bio

I need to inspire spiritually with my art. I attempt to show the spirituality of all the subjects I work with. I use form, structure, shape, contrast, B/W & vibrant color to make my statement. I like representational/modernistic art so the subject is “in your face.” I want people to be more spiritual, to get in touch with original thinking, to be inspired to examine themselves introspectively, to build up their souls and aspirations. I have permanent exhibits in the Laurel & Hardy Museum In Harlem, GA & Riverside Public Library, Riverside, IL.

I work out of my studio in my home, as I have done all my art career. I exhibit online on my own website ( & Art Wanted (, also at Norcross Gallery & Studios at present.

To contact me about my work, please use my email address for all inquiries about my work, pricing, etc

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