Kathy A Kitz

Artist bio

Kathy A Kitz is a self-taught full time abstract artist working in watercolor and acrylic. Her home studio is in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Her painting process is her personal journey. She loves the process of painting and mark making. Her acrylic abstract paintings are heavily layered and textured. Her process is unplanned, working intuitively she uses brushes, scrapers, brayers, markers, crayons and many found objects to make her gestural marks. Kathy's watercolors are mainly on Yupo, a recyclable, waterproof, tree-free synthetic made made of 100% polypropylene. She uses many layers of watercolor which is wiped,scraped, stamped to create her unique marks until it speaks to her then it's finished. She wants the viewer to use their imagination when viewing her work and hopes they leave with a sense of wonder and calm. Her inspiration comes from the light and shadows found in Nature.

Kathy is an international award winning artist who is active in a number of art organizations. Her paintings are in private collections throughout the US. In addition to working in her studio she teaches workshops in watercolor and acrylic.

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