Kathy A Kitz

Artist bio

Kathy is a self-taught award-winning international artist. Kathy works mainly in watercolor and acrylic in her home studio in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. Her painting process is her personal journey, experimenting, exploring new paths, mediums to evolve and find break throughs by taking risks, and pushes boundaries. She loves the process of drawing, painting, printmaking, mark making. Her acrylic and watercolor abstract paintings are heavily layered and textured. Her process is unplanned, working intuitively she uses many types of tools to make her gestural marks and textures. She uses Yupo, a recyclable, waterproof, tree-free synthetic paper made of 100% polypropylene as her watercolor substrate. Kathy’s inspiration comes from many sources, nature, observation of the world, books, even films. Kathy has recently gotten back into lino cuts, which is challenging and uses her drawing skills.


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