Micah Goguen

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Micah Goguen grew up in Central Georgia and obtained his B.A. in Fine Art and Masters in Art Therapy from Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, Ga. Micah focuses primarily on bringing art to the community and using art as a form of communication for those struggling to understand and cope with life situations. Stationed primarily in Middle Georgia, Goguen helps to create a safe studio environment and produce work while teaching art to both adults and children. He also volunteers time at the local community center and works with adults in alcohol and substance recovery as well as uprooted and traumatized children. Using mural work, art for entertainment and art therapy for healing, he collaborates with school systems, local shops, and non-profits to help unify and most importantly "spread a message".
Micah's own artwork conveys his interest in people as he used combined media to explore portraiture and the world around him. Micah works in a range of media and teaches workshops in Oil and Acrylic Painting, Ceramics, Textiles and Drawing. He is working on several mural projects and also founded a group of artists which hang and display art in privately owned local businesses. His current mission is to work with the existing efforts of the community to promote healing and wellness. Goguen uses the artistic process to show the correlation between the way we live our daily lives and the way we approach our creative expressions.

I appreciate you!

Micah Goguen, MAAT

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