Anne Emerson Hall

Artist bio

Anne Emerson Hall paints in oil with a passion for color and meaning. She works exclusively from life in her Atlanta studios and "en plein air," at locations in the Southeast and further abroad.

She shows her work at Norcross Gallery, the Atlanta Artists Center, and the Marietta Cobb Museum locally and in exhibitions elsewhere such as the Brennen Gallery, Santa Fe; the Lore Degenstein Gallery, Susquehanna University; Freeman Galleries, Philadelphia, and Avery Galleries, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Her work was on view at Comcast Headquarters, Philadelphia from June 2014-May 2015.

Anne teaches figure drawing and painting plus the process of color study developed by Claude Monet and passed down through the lineage of American painters William Merritt Chase, Charles Webster Hawthorne, Henry Hensche and Nelson Shanks. She maintains an intensive study of drawing, painting, and art history. She has presented three papers at The Representational Art Conference (TRAC) in Ventura, California and Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

Her plein air paintings have been purchased by the City of Fourges, France and by Stone Mountain, and hang in their city halls.

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