Sally Evans

Artist bio

I was born in Chiswick, outside London, England. Later after college and several years of working in offices I made time to study textile design and fine art at both the Amersham College of Art and the Open College of Art in England. I moved to Atlanta some 20 years ago following upon my husband being transferred from the UK. Previously we had spent a couple of years living in Rome.

I have been accepted into a lot of art shows both in the US and the UK where I have won a several awards. In 2009-2010 I was the President of the Georgia Watercolor Society and have continued to work on its board.

The most important thing to me when approaching my paintings is that there must be joyous color in interesting and wonderful shapes. It doesn’t matter whether the shape or color is large or small; they must be good and work together to bring the viewer into the painting

My studio is in Canton at my home, enthusiasts are welcome

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